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Micro Needle Roller

The popular tool Micro needle Roller, also called dermarollers is an effective tool for skin problems including striae, scarred tissues, burn stretchmarks, wrinkle treatment, anti aging, hair loss treatment and hair restoration. This tool uses 192 micro titanium sharp needles that reaches the inner surface of your skin to repair and restore your skin. At the same time, it stimulates elastin and collagen production in the skin and open pores to stimulate the skin's healing process with out any damage, all at the comfort of the home. The micro-needle roller treatment is often a more desired treatment compared to micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing for the ability of stimulating collagen and elastin, treatment cost and healing time. Furthermore, the micro-needle roller has no side effects (slight redness in skin for 1 hour) in comparison to the expensive spa treatments and does much more for a fraction of the cost.

With normal application of organic skin care products (serums & creams), the nutrients have difficulties an individual the outer layers of the skin. This tool helps the puncture of your skin care products by 1000 times! Applying this tool there is a tickling sensation and a slight redness or irritation after the treatment which will subdue within an hour.

How does This Work?

As the Micro Needle Roller is thrown on the skin, the micro-needles reach into dermis and pushing your pores open for the time being. This is recognized as body damage, which then stimulates the release of growth factors that produces the production of collagen and elastin. Since the skin is the largest organ within the body and if it is damaged, it will resume a healing process and by continually triggering the healing process, you encourage the body to continue healing until the job is finished.

With the regular use of the Micro-Needle Roller on acne scars, stretchmarks and striae, your body is taken into the healing process until the person is symptomless on a cosmetic level. This process can go on for months after each Micro-Needling treatment, but noticeable results can been seen within a week! With little stimulation, you get effective and fast results.

Micro-needling is safe to use on all skin skin types and skin colors but micro-needling should be used in combination with caution on sensitive areas such as eyes, neck and back of hands.

How to use the Micro Needle Roller

Use with slight pressure on areas including face or body up to 5 times a week. This tool gently will give a tickling sensation and is not painful, although your face may be more sensitive than your body. Temporary reddening of the skin and slight irritation similar to mild sunburn is seen on the skin after the treatment and will subdue within a hour. This process should not withdraw blood. (Never share the Micro-Needle Roller with anyone else , nor use on children or animals)

Please ensure you wash hands, treatment area, have sterile and clean work area and Micro-Needle Roller prior to treatment.

Roll the Micro-Needle Roller frequency in directions. 4 Times vertically, width wise and diagonally is usually enough for collagen and elastin stimulation.

Rinse treatment area with cool water and apply creams.

Rinse Micro-Needle Roller under hot running water and dip/spray with sterilizer.

Sharp needles on the roller could become straight-forward after continued use, it is advised to replace the roller for optimum results.

Hook Lengths

0. 2mm, 0. 25mm – Increases puncture of skin care products and overall improvement in complexion and texture.

0. 5mm, 0. 75mm – Increased puncture of skin care products, improves acne scars, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, light acne scarring or coloring, mild chicken pox or ice pick stretchmarks and thinning hair.

1. 0mm, 1. 5mm – Deep striae, lumpy and bumpy skin and deep scarring. 1. 5mm is the maximum hook length recommended for use on face.

2. 0mm, 3. 0mm – Severe cases of deep stretchmarks and acne scars, rejuvenation of ruined skin.


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